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30A Television (www.30a.tv) is expanding programming with more original content featured shows. The latest addition is “Carlie’s World,” hosted by Miss World contestant Carlie Bass Gintoli. The show will follow Carlie on her adventures along the Emerald Coast, to find and showcase positive stories of interesting people, places and happenings.

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“I am absolutely thrilled to be partnering with 30A TV to create some fun and original content, says Carliei. The opportunity to host my own show is very exciting, and I am looking forward to the endless possibilities of what we can do here at the network.”

Carlie Bass Gintoli, was crowned  Miss Great Britain World in 2019. She will be competing for the Miss World  title, July  28th,  2020.  The Miss World Pageant is for married, single and divorced naturally born females. Carlie also has an International campaign to prevent bullying, which has been a three-year project, raising thousands of donations for nonprofit organizations. Carlie is the granddaughter of one of Florida’s oldest families in Fort Walton Beach, her grandmother was Agnes Staff.

Paul Vizard, 30A Media CEO said, “Carlie is a perfect compliment to the plans we have for 2020 and beyond. Working with first rate talent is always rewarding, and Carlie’s experience and expertise is well matched to our business model.”

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