Our Local Pros: Spotlight on Architectural Elements and Resources

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The Emerald Coast is growing. It appears that everywhere one turns there is a new building or new development popping up. Santa Rosa Beach has been one of the quickest areas to expand, and with expansion more resources are needed. Architectural Elements and Resources, LLC, owned and operated by local natives Michael and Kari Weaver, aim to be the building and designing solution for Santa Rosa Beach and the surrounding area.

Zach Weaver

With more than 30 years’ experience in the Flooring industry, Architectural Elements and Resources works with end users, Builders, and the A&D Community to help educate them on the new flooring trends and products available for their home. The company finds value providing a unique experience to each person and project, as each one has specific needs. Beginning as early as initial drawings, Michael and his team assists each client with picking out the appropriate flooring and surface coverage from the front door to the back door, and everything in between. The company focuses on importing and selling exclusive tile, wood, carpet, LVP’s and a variety of other surface coverages. Michael and his team do not typically install the products themselves but are happy to recommend their customers to the best installation teams in the area.

Michael Weaver

Michael attributes the success of his company to their upfront and honest attitude about what will work and what won’t in the initial design phase. Customers often come in with a certain design in mind, and while the team always strives to work in harmony with their customers, they also want each person to go away with something they are thrilled with. Sometimes these two goals do not coincide. Michael and his team are happy to be honest about that and work together for a solution that fulfills the designer’s dreams.

The thing that really makes Architectural Elements and Resources stand out as a company is both their dedication to customer service and their commitment to being a no pressure business. Michael strives to create an atmosphere where people can come in and feel like they are working with a friend. Their goal is always to educate rather than sell. As the saying goes,“knowledge is power.”

“We try to educate people on the right products.” Michael said.

Going forward, the company hopes to expand to Panama City and other surrounding areas.This service is especially needed in the area of Panama City as many families have still not been able to rebuild from Hurricane Michael and other storms. The company’s goal is to add more builders to their team as well as create a wider customer base. More than anything, Michael and his team want to give back to the community in whatever way they can, primarily through donation and education.

You can visit Architectural Elements and Resources at 181 Lynn Drive A in Santa Rosa Beach or contact them at (850) 622-0246 or online: www.adesrb.com . Be sure to check them out the next time you’re in search of an expert designer!

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