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By Lauren Catanese

Standing on a mountaintop, arms spread wide. Breeze blowing your hair, while the sun warms your cheeks. Heart open. Free. You close your eyes and feel the peace unattached to anything other than your soul’s truth. Connected to the higher power, content within yourself, trusting in life’s beauty and soaking it in; knowing the flow will never stop. Endless supply of connection to Source, of truth and of love. Basking in the exhilaration of being alive, free, and well. You are unbounded in joy. 


Life’s lessons and reality bring our souls through so many forms of emotions. And when we are on a journey to reach our destination, there are things that we do not want to feel, afraid of what they mean. One side is the knowing that we are powerful beings actually able to manifest our miraculous world. The power of our ability to create our fate and achieve desires along the way, can cause us to also doubt our worth, our integrity, our place of belonging. We feel we would rather sabotage the path and sink into a space that says we are not good enough, and do not have what it takes to make it happen. Or doubt its validity. We spend our world, feeling into our pasts, anchored to the harborside unwilling to let go. And we can get stuck in this space. Holding on to an illusion that the fear is the truth not the love.

On the path of grandness, heart and magnificence to a life we feel in our soul we are meant to live; all these feelings, emotions, temptations, doubts and fears will absolutely 100% come up. Might even bring us to our knees and make us question every situation we are presently in.  Might even bring up tears. This is the time to persevere and recognize that it’s natural for life to bring it up. So allow them, and let yourself feel into the restrictions that you have built around yourself. You will be successful at taking on a new approach to old paradigms. To healing wounds that have been keeping you stuck longer than you knew. Deep moments of self- reflection are not desperate failures of life knocking you down and saying stay there. They are the light calling you home. It’s the divine in you, saying feel this, don’t fear, don’t analyze. Take this journey to your darkest spaces, so you can free yourself a little more each time. And you will. I believe in you. I believe you can. And as you delve deeper and love wider, you will feel the lightness begin to grow.

Barriers are released. Your heart has more room to breath and expand. And more of life can come in. The good parts of life. I’d say the ultimate gift you can give anyone, including yourself, is to be in all your authenticity- your own unbounded version of you! Stand on your mountain top. Spread those arms wide. And breath in the freedom of a life that one day you will be satiated from. Life is not meant to tie us up into so many knots that we can’t even live and experience all that she has to offer. Life is meant to go big, feel deep, and learn to love more of yourself and accept the beauty that calls to you. My wish is for you to feel the freedom and unboundedness that is surrounding your essence just waiting for the opportunity to get you to fly. Happy Holidays SoWal and Destin!

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