9 Signs of Energy Loss; Know the Signs!

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By Chris Balzer,

I was recently asked; how do I know if my home needs insulation or improvements to make my home more energy efficient?  Some ways we can check is with a thermal Camera.  Thermal cameras can detect the slightest difference in temperature showing us leaks, missing insulation, poor seals and areas which need improving.  Like a detective, we also ask questions to better understand the problems.  Do you need more insulation? Or better insulation? Odds are, if your home was not specifically built for energy efficiency, it’s a good idea to re-insulate.   There are other signs that will let you know if new or more insulation is needed.

Signs Of Energy Loss

Attic Signs:  If you detect moisture in your attic, or condensation on your vents, you’re likely to have insulation problems.  The recommended amount of insulation in your attic is usually about twelve to thirteen inches. You should also consider installing an insulated attic cap to the access door to your attic to keep out drafts and heat.  If the access to your attic is located inside the conditioned part of your home, adding an insulated cap is a must.  While attic issues are very common in older homes, they can be present in newer homes as well.  So it’s always a good idea to check the attic!

Energy Bill Signs:  If you think you’ve done everything you can to keep your house running efficiently, but your bills continue to rise, this is a sign that your insulation is failing you.  If your AC constantly runs in the summer and winter or if you turn off your air conditioning in the summer and your home suddenly feels like it’s in the center of Death Valley, these can be signs your insulation is failing you.  Cooling and heating systems are necessary to maintain a consistent level of comfort in your home, but they shouldn’t be working overtime.

Living Space Signs:  If your living room is a sauna, and your bedroom feels like the Arctic, this is a sign.  This happens because not all of your insulation will necessarily fail you at the same time. Some rooms may be perfectly comfortable, while others are not.  Check the walls of interior closets to see if they’re hot. You may never have noticed it before and if you’re lucky, only certain rooms will need new or additional insulation, and the rest of your home may be fine.

Insulation Signs:  This one may be obvious, but if your insulation is crumbly, missing, outdated or low and wouldn’t meet today’s building codes, you’ll need to replace it or add to it. If you know that the insulation is old, don’t take matters into your own hands and consult with a professional. Some insulation is best not to disturb and may contain toxins.  If it’s safe to remove, let the experts remove it properly to eliminate any danger.

Crack Signs:  If you spot cracks around your doors and windows, this could be a sign of failing caulking or settling.  This can be an easy, do-it-yourself fix.  If they’re small cracks, apply new caulk to the area to seal them.  Whatever you do, don’t let these go unchecked.  Sometimes a few cracks are all it takes to let enough conditioned air escape and cause high energy bills.

Pest Signs:  If you spot signs of pests; droppings, burrow holes or other indicators that pests have infiltrated your home; this could compromise the integrity of your insulation.  Insects and other pests can eat away at what is called “the building envelope.” creating gaps that invite air through the home costing you money and loss of energy.

Now that you know the signs, don’t wait any longer to enjoy energy savings and indoor comfort, contact an insulation professional and Beat the Heat.

Chris Balzer is Founder and President of Emerald Coast Energy Solutions which is a Smile Provider Company.  We provide smiles to our customers after installing our high energy efficient products, increasing comfort and lowering energy bills.  For more information on how to save and become energy efficient schedule an inspection by calling (850) 588-2870, visit www.trusteces.com or email wecare@trusteces.com and Beat the Heat.

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