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WALTON COUNTY, FLA— An Okaloosa County teacher is arrested following a road rage incident where he pulled a weapon on a teenager. On August 2nd, Brandon Greggory Crumbley, 36, was involved in a road rage incident where he brake-checked a car driven by a 16-year-old. A short time later, Crumbley was parking his vehicle at his apartment complex when the victim drove by rolling down his window and words were exchanged. As the driver passed by, he told deputies Crumbley lifted his shirt revealing a firearm. The driver never stopped the vehicle and drove past Crumbley. During the investigation, Crumbley lied to investigators, telling him he never removed the weapon from the holster and did not use it in a threatening manner. After deputies reviewed surveillance video, it was found Crumbley not only lied but appeared to taunt the victim with the weapon. As the vehicle was seen leaving the area, Crumbley is seen holding the gun over his head pointing it at the victim’s car and then towards the sky as if to wave him back towards him. A warrant was submitted for Crumbley’s arrest, and he was located Thursday, August 31st by the U.S. Marshal’s Task Force at his home on Hammock Trail East in Freeport and taken into custody. Crumbley is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, improper display of a firearm, and obstruction. He was given a $10,000 bond and is still incarcerated at the time of this release. Read More

The Art of Policing Podcast – Episode 1 – Illegal Immigration

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August 28, 2023 WALTON COUNTY, FLA— A DeFuniak Springs man is arrested on multiple felony charges after shooting into a neighbor’s home and threatening another. On August 25th Walton County Sheriff Deputies responded to 38 Willie B. Parker Road after a call about an argument and the sound of gunfire. When deputies arrived, they saw a white male with no shirt standing on the porch with his right arm stretched out holding a firearm. At that moment, the man fired two shots. Deputies got into a tactical position and the individual went inside the residence. Deputies were able to determine the subject was Randall Holley, 26. Holley came out of the home after a short time and was detained. An investigation found he had in fact fired multiple rounds towards a tree in the front yard. One of the rounds missed the tree and struck a home across the street. When checking the residence, a bullet was lodged in an interior door feet away from where a woman was sleeping. It was also discovered that when neighbors attempted to intervene during an argument Holley was having with his wife, he pointed the gun at them, threatening to kill them. As a result of the findings, Randall was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, shooting a missile into an occupied dwelling, using a firearm under the influence of alcohol, and discharging a firearm in public. He was transported and booked into the Walton County Jail.... Read More


WALTON COUNTY, FLA—A man high on LSD is arrested in Walton County after breaking into his rented Airbnb armed with a handgun while holding two children. Walton County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call just after midnight Saturday morning regarding a disturbance on Snapper Street in Santa Rosa Beach. Deputies responded to the area encountering 41-year-old Samuel Deweese, armed with a handgun with an infant and a toddler in his arms. Deweese told deputies he had taken LSD. He was quickly detained after attempting to escape arrest. An investigation found Deweese broke into a residence he was renting out as an Airbnb while waving around the gun and making statements about shooting the renters. Deweese did so while carrying the two children. South Walton Fire District evaluated Deweese and both children on scene. The children were placed safely with family friends and the Department of Children and Family Services was notified. Deweese is charged with armed burglary, child endangerment, resisting without violence, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was booked into the Walton County Jail, issued a $15,000 bond at first appearance, and released the following day. Read More


WALTON COUNTY, Fla— The 2023-2024 school year starts tomorrow, and Walton County Sheriff’s Office is reminding motorists of increased enforcement as a part of a yearly initiative to help students head back to class safely. Operation Blue Bird will begin on August 10th addressing traffic violations in school zones and keeping buses safe along their routes. Enforcement will focus on speeding in school zones, texting and driving, passing a school bus that is stopped, seatbelt violations, and reckless driving. These focused efforts are intended for the times before school begins and when schools release students to ensure they are getting to and from class without issue. Drivers can expect to see a heavy presence of law enforcement in school zones. Unmarked vehicles will also be used to ensure motorists are complying with laws related to school bus safety. “Our children deserve to begin their school year focusing on what truly matters,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “Parents and students should not have to worry about whether they will make it to school without a crash or someone not obeying a stopped school bus. That’s where we come in.” Operation Blue Bird is scheduled to run through September 1st. Walton County Sheriff’s Office encourages drivers to be patient as we see an increase in traffic and congestion on the roadway. Let’s send students back-to-school safely. Read More


WALTON COUNTY, Fla— Walton County Sheriff’s Office is releasing the name of a woman at the focus of a death investigation in Miramar Beach. Renee Denise Eggers, 41, has been positively identified as the individual whose body was found in a wooded area near the Okaloosa and Walton County line near the entrance of Emerald Bay subdivision. Deputies were called to the scene Monday, July 31st just before noon after employees from Emerald Bay made the discovery. It is believed Eggers was homeless at the time of her death, however, her last known address is in Indiana. Her family was located, and notification was made. The autopsy report is still pending and the investigation is still ongoing at this time. More information will be released once it becomes available. Read More


July 31, 2023 WALTON COUNTY, Fla— Deputies make a gruesome discovery during a sex offender check in DeFuniak Springs. On Friday, July 29th Walton County Sheriff’s Deputies were attempting to conduct a sex offender check on Eric Antonio Roberts, 49, of Honeysuckle Street in DeFuniak Springs when they noticed a strong odor coming from inside the residence. Due to the inability to make contact with the offender and verify his well-being, entry was made into the home where deputies found two dogs inside a kennel clearly deceased. The animals were chained together using a padlock and did not have access to food or water. The electricity had been turned off inside the home and the back door had also been padlocked. Deputies checked with local hospitals and family in an effort to locate Roberts. Roberts was located a short time later at a gas station on Highway 90. He confirmed his address and that the dogs were his. When being taken under arrest, Roberts immediately started to reach toward his pocket. Cocaine was located inside a glasses case Roberts attempted to retrieve during his arrest. Roberts is charged with two counts of aggravated animal cruelty and possession of cocaine. He was issued a $15,000 bond and is still incarcerated at the time of this release. Read More


WALTON COUNTY, FL – A Freeport man is sentenced to 30 years in prison after he’s convicted of lewd and lascivious molestation of a child. Stephen Walter Gay, 44, was sentenced to three decades in the Florida Department of Corrections, of which 25 years will be served as a minimum mandatory sentence. Gay was convicted of lewd or lascivious molestation, promoting sexual performance by a child, possessing photos, and motion pictures that include conduct by a child, transmission of pornography, and unlawful use of a two-way communications device to facilitate the commission of a felony. Gay was also sentenced to lifetime sex offender probation with electronic monitoring, he was ordered to pay fines and court costs, and he will be registered as a Sexual Predator. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation after a concerned citizen turned over a cell phone that appeared to contain child pornography. Walton County Sheriff’s Office Special Victim’s Unit was able to determine that Gay was the original owner of the cell phone and secure a search warrant for his residence. Following the search warrant, he was arrested on March 10, 2022, for the crimes he perpetrated upon a minor child. Gay was convicted following a joint effort from the State Attorney’s Office and the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. Assistant State Attorney Josh Mitchell prosecuted the case on behalf of Ginger Bowden Madden, State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit. READ THE ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE HERE. Read More


June 25, 2023 WALTON COUNTY, Fla— Two people have died following drowning incidents along Walton County Beaches in less than three days despite the courageous efforts of first responders all week long during rough surf conditions. Thursday afternoon, South Walton Fire District transported a man in critical condition following a water rescue in Blue Mountain Beach. Beach patrons notified SWFD’s Tower 31 lifeguard that bystanders had pulled the male, who was unresponsive, from the water nearly half a mile to the west of the tower. The lifeguard quickly responded to the area and began life-saving measures. Additional beach safety units arrived along with Walton County Sheriff’s Office deputies to assist. Unfortunately, the 65-year-old from Coppell, Texas later died. On Saturday afternoon, Walton County Sheriff’s Office and South Walton Fire District Beach Safety Units were called to Scenic Gulf Drive after a 9-1-1 caller reported multiple people struggling in the water. SWFD Beach Safety personnel and WCSO deputies arrived on the scene and immediately entered the water, rescuing two men and a teenager and providing life-saving measures. All three were transported by SWFD to a local hospital. One of the men, a 58-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee was pronounced dead at the hospital. Both incidents occurred when single red flags were flying. However, surf conditions prompted double red flags for several days on Walton County Beaches during which both South Walton Fire District and Walton County Sheriff’s Office responded to numerous water rescues and drowning incidents. Our agencies continue to educate those... Read More