When Ann came to town

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When Ann Came to Town

By Dave White

Most folks have heard of Ann Coulter, she’s been writing books and commenting on the talk radio circuit for over 20 years now. Ann was the guest of honor and keynote speaker for the Walton County Republicans Lincoln Day Dinner, held at the Hilton Sandestin on October 12th.

She did not disappoint the largely Republican crowd willing to pay the $125 dinner fee. The speech was vintage Coulter, filled with pointed barbs meant to entertain and inflame, depending on one’s politics. She began with, “ I’m here with good news, Hillary’s not president”, and her well-worn quip, “I wish all liberals would go to hell….California.”

Yet, for the most part, when given time to articulate and explain her opinions, she comes across much different than the perception most people would have from listening to Ann on 2-minute interviews on cable television.  In our South Walton Life interview and in her nearly one-hour speech, Ms. Coulter was delightful, rather gregarious and a convincing advocate for her ideas.

She’s against immigration. No surprise there. She believes, like President Trump, in America first, against globalism and bad trade deals, for border control, etc. She believes people should come in “through the front door”, and become Americans, no matter their race or creed.

What was interesting, though, was the lack of protests here in South Walton. The bubble held. In many places these days, an Ann Coulter speech brings out the very worst our society has to offer. Protesters on the left and right use the occasion to stir up trouble, for what purpose only God knows. The quiet over her appearance brings to mind how truly blessed we all are to call South Walton home.

As we come into the holiday season, we all can look forward to the next six months of mild sunshine, neither too hot nor cold. The economy continues to grow, providing more and more opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs. I for one, love limited government, where regulation of our lives is a last resort not the first.

And the energy of this emerging community is truly amazing. There are benefits and fundraisers going on just about every day, filled with volunteers wishing to get involved and coming together for a better South Walton.

Most of all, folks here seem to get along. We’re all “locals” yet very few are actually natives. Most chose to live here, for deeply personal reasons, yet everyone can sense the same spirit. People from all walks of life- publishers from Massachusetts, jewelers from Tennessee, financial planners from Colorado, Chefs from New Jersey, I could go on. Each came, perhaps on vacation, but the spirit left an impression – “we’ve got to go back.”

People from all over the country and even the world have come, stayed and, mixed with a certain southern charm and culture, created a very special place.  I like this bubble. Let’s keep it?

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