Being Brave

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By Lauren Catanese

Lauren Catanese

I’ve come to the feeling that being brave is mostly about believing in yourself. Having enough self-respect and love for who you are that you can stand tall when the time calls for it. We all face adversity. Though I sometimes imagine living in a world that was all love and roses, where dreams came true and the world was at peace all the time. This usually happens when life gets tough and reality shows a different side; Calling us to be brave and believe in ourselves to get us through. Thinking recently about those tough times, when life feels like its closing in on, and I begin to wish of that dream world place, it hit me. We already live there. Our world is full of love, dreams do come true, and peace is available to us in every moment. We just choose to see it differently. But in any moment we can shift our attention; instead of feeling like all hell is breaking loose, and our lives are spinning out of control we can shift our perspective and realize that our lives are being restructured for the highest good. So, remain flexible, stay in alignment and allow things to flow. And by being brave, trusting that life is a place where love reigns, we can make it through even our biggest fears. Self-respect is vital, as it allows us to we feel confident enough to stay true to our values and what we know to be true. True in the sense that we feel we are in line with the universe. Not worrying about what others think but feeling like its ok we feel how we do and to stand behind that. Be brave to live your life your daily dreams and enjoy this journey. Ask to see every situation throe will be thugh the eyes of love and peacere. We just have to be open to it.

3 steps towards bravery:

  1. Make a list of all your attributes, accomplishments, greatest moments you have had in your life. Putting to paper your favorite things about yourself reminds you just how great you are.
  2. Come from the right space. Taking a moment to close your eyes and go within helps to reconnect us to our inner light. Imagine your favorite color at your heart and feel it expand, surrounding you. Breathe it in. That’s your personal power shield, your inner essence. Feel it vibrating within you and outside of you.
  3. Bravery can happen in small strides and builds over time. Take it moment by moment and believe in yourself to try new things, and be open to new experiences. You don’t just leap to the top of the mountain you take it step by step. Each step closer to your goal each step building confidence that you will be able to take another.

Be brave! Love yourself. We are all in this together.

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