Rockwell Tharp Ladies Boutique Highlights Fashion and Style for The Emerald Coast

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While fashion and style cross many generations, demographics and personalities that span thousands of years, one thing is for sure-every single one of us deal with some sort of fashion decision each day of our lives.  All Ladies face a daily decision of what to wear and it is an important one! So what is on trend right now? After over a decade of intensive designing around the world, running both retail and wholesale operations in cities across the USA, while simultaneously setting up their production with factories around the globe, Rockwell Tharp and their team think they have a pretty good idea!

“There are several styles and trends that are particularly hot this year, explains Kristi Rockwell, co-owner and founder of Rockwell Tharp.  One you can’t miss right now is anything with pretty belle sleeves.  Belle sleeves are so beautiful, feminine and classy.

Another fashion style that is extremely popular is embroidery.  Embroidery on everything- dresses, shirts, tunics, tops, handbags, boots and shoes and lots of it, continues Rockwell.  Another one to look for is tassels.  Colorful tassels on dresses and tassel earrings are extremely popular, pretty and can be tied together to make a fun and classy statement.  The more tassels and colorful embroidery the better.” said Kristi.

“Every Lady needs beautiful unique boots.  Across the world, the wearing of boots all year round has become the sweeping fashion trend and we believe it is here to stay, said Cameron Tharp, co-founder of Rockwell Tharp.  Most Ladies have some basic brown or black boots, however we have taken boots to an all new level.  The hottest trend in boots right now are boots with beautiful brocade textiles, bright colors and of course, crocodile, python and all animal print leathers.  If you have a dynamite pair of boots on, a Lady can wear just about anything she chooses and let the boots be the star.  We love it when Ladies select a style that not every other Lady has.  It’s great to see Ladies step outside of the box and choose something unique and fun.  We believe in making the world a more colorful and brighter place, “said Tharp.

“It’s fun to have something all your other friends don’t have or that can not be found in big department stores,” said Rockwell.  “Some other styles worth highlighting are embroidered knits, materials that have some give and stretch to them, delicate fringe, dresses and tunics that are easy to just put on and go, all animal prints and cute wedge sandals with unique designs and patterns,” said Kristi.

Rockwell Tharp even has a local Brand Manager and Stylist on location, Ashley Woodson, a native Texan, who moved to Miramar Beach to work for Rockwell Tharp.  Ashley was hooked on their boots and apparel from the moment she connected with them in Houston, TX. “Style is about what makes you feel confident and your best self and then owning that style, with confidence.  I enjoy making suggestions and helping customers update their look.  I try and listen and connect with our Ladies. I get a feel for their personality and sometimes even their insecurities-hey, we all have them, said Ashely, let’s just embrace them.”

“We offer encouragement and ultimately we want Ladies to look and feel fabulous and have items that are unique and different than everyone else, said Kristi Rockwell.  We care greatly for our customers. We pray for each one of you.  We believe fashion is about building relationships, friendships and having fun at the same time,” said Kristi.

Rockwell Tharp is not your typical boutique.  Everyone who walks through the doors is given the same genuine service. A lot of the merchandise is designed exclusively by Rockwell Tharp or for Rockwell Tharp.  “Although we do business around the world and design for other stores in the US and Canada, we live right here in Sandestin. We are able to be on location at our flagship boutique personally meeting and talking with our wonderful customers,” concludes Cameron Tharp.  “Kristi Rockwell and I founded this brand together 10 years ago and we have stayed true to ourselves, passion for providing unique designs and our faith to God.  We have a great team. We all think we are blessed to have pretty cool jobs and the privilege to be able to share with others.” said Tharp.  Come by and experience Rockwell Tharp Ladies Boutique. Rockwell Tharp is located in Sandestin, FL in the heart of The Village of Baytowne Wharf.

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