The Lotus Life; Happy New Year!

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By Lauren Catanese

The new year always brings about change. Change is a way of life. It is the ultimate passage from what you were to what you can be. Knowing that deep down we all have an inherent mission, a divine destiny programmed into us for the greater good of all mankind. What’s your destiny? Your mission? You are more aware of what it is than you realize. It might get covered up because we feel it’s too small, or too insignificant or that it’s simply not enough. But why not give it a go? Why not try and see what experience we gain, what memories we make and what lessons we learn?

Life is not about being stationary, still and conforming. Life is about chance, opportunity, and risks. Failing and falling just to get up and finally succeed. Life is what you make it. It’s always a choice. So with this grand choice that you are empowered to make every day, every second, every moment of your life…what will you choose? Will you choose the norm, status quo, or what everyone else around you does? Or will you venture into your own heart, listen to your own guidance, and dare to shine your gifts and your purpose with the world? It’s a new year and if you are reading this then you are already lucky. You have been given a great gift called life.  Make a choice now to live today better than you did yesterday. Reach within yourself and discover the amazing person you are and expose what you love. Be who you are authentically created to be. That is a mission in itself. And when we set out on a journey of self-discovery the world opens up and we align with the universe and everything is possible. Happy Manifesting!

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A meditation for manifesting:

Find a quiet space that you will be uninterrupted for the next few minutes. Close your eyes. Inhale….exhale. Keep going. Deep inhales filling up your entire belly…and then exhale it out. Soften your eyes, your mouth, your face….soften your entire body from your head to your toes. Let go. Come into a space that feels connected and aligned. A space that you feel safe. Breathe into your heart. Feel it expand with every inhale and feel it grow wider on the exhales. Imagine that you are standing in front of yourself from sometime in the future. Where are you? What are you wearing? What are you doing? Who is with you? See every aspect about yourself. How are you acting? What are you saying? See a vision of yourself…living the life that you want to live. And with that image in your mind’s eye, begin to notice how you are feeling. What emotions are coming up for you? Do you feel happy, peaceful, abundant, safe, healthy, loved, free or empowered? Whatever feelings are coming up allow them to fill your entire being. Allow the feelings to take over and completely embrace you in this moment. Allow these feelings to become present for you. Breathe them in. Now go back into this space as often as you can throughout the day. You are conditioning your manifestation muscles. What we feel on in the inside is what we will attract. So by bringing the emotions and how you want to feel into the present and feeling them then you will bring to you that which will bring about the very emotion that you are emitting. Life is a series of emotions that we give and receive so feel your way to your happy place. Follow your bliss.

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