The Lotus Life; Moments of Destiny

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By Lauren Catanese

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” – William Ernest Henley


Decades to years, months to weeks, days to hours, hours to moments our lives keep flowing and continue to always move forward. Whether we resist, detour, or get stuck, life keeps moving. Like a river as it passes over and around rocks and boulders. The water meanders through wide spaces and then gets pushed through tight spots. The river never stops. So is life. We are born to live this life to the fullest extension of our souls. To keep moving though we feel stuck. To keep persevering though we hit rocks. To be flexible when we feel we are tight places and expand in all directions when we fill the wideness of our lives. Our souls know no other way than to keep living. The juiciness of life is felt in our emotions, all of them. The painful ones, to the blissful sensations, to peace, all our emotions are beautiful. They hold a lesson in time and are meant to pass us by like the clouds floating in the sky. Not to get hung up in one spot, but to be curious as to what we feel, feel it, and keep smiling. Accepting that in life we will feel all emotions is a healing, beautiful awareness. We are meant to feel into the depths of what it means to be human, to be alive. Like breathing, our emotions are proof that we are beings living in a world that is not without passion and existence. We are meant to swim through the dirt, purify in the holy water and shine bright under the sun.

Conscious living is realizing that each moment of our lives is a moment of our inherent destiny. The moments we feel connected to the divine, connected to our highest selves, in alignment with the universe we are free. Free to live. Free to be born again. Free to shine. Free to love. Free to be. Thank goodness for the depths of life bringing us to our knees and bringing us back up to soar. My wish for you is to live in the depths, the crevices but also on top of every mountain and to swim in every river, every sea. To smile again. To love again. Soak in your moments of destiny and feel your world get even lighter. Life is waiting for you to be its co- creator. Happy soulful living!

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