Tell Your Mom You Love Her

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By dr. Richard Chern, M.D.

Dr Chern

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there reading.  Thank you for working to the point of exhaustion, worrying to the point of tears, supporting us through our good decisions and bad, and loving us even when we do our best to push you away.  I’m sorry it takes so many years for us to understand everything you do for us and some of us never get to understand the suffering you go through as a mom.

This month I would like to let you know how to help your mom feel better and live a longer and healthier life.  As moms get older they start losing the hormones that protect them from disease.

At some point mom’s estrogen levels start falling.  This leads to difficulty falling asleep at night and also leads to moms waking up too early in the morning.  The lack of sleep increases mom’s stress levels and makes moms more irritable as well as increasing the risk for Alzheimer’s and other disease processes.

Falling testosterone levels in moms leads to physical exhaustion, moodiness and also increases the risk for strokes, heart attacks and breast cancer which are the top three ways moms die.  Nobody wants their mom to die.  Adding testosterone to moms who have hit menopause will greatly reduce their risk of getting breast cancer.  Mom’s don’t like breast cancer and giving testosterone to moms is one of the best ways to prevent breast cancer.

Failing thyroids lead to weight gain, loss of mental clarity, coarse hair, increased cholesterol levels and increasing sugar levels.  Just so you know, moms hate gaining weight and hate coarse hair.  They also don’t like having to take medications.  Just so you know, ironically, increasing sugar levels in moms does not make them sweeter.

I know you want your mom and the other moms you know to live as long as possible and as healthy as possible so you can get as many hugs and kisses as you want whether you deserve them or not.  So, make sure you let your mom know about us and how we can help her live a longer, happier, and healthier life.

Mom’s, we love you more than we could ever tell you and more than we could ever show.  The crazy thing is that no matter how much we love you I’m sure you love us more.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Dr Richard Chern, MD provides hormones therapy to men and women from across the country. He is also on staff at BioTE Medical and teaches hormone therapy to new providers including providers right here in our local area. In addition, Dr Richard Chern, MD treats doctors in the local area and from around the country.  Dr Richard Chern MD is a platinum BioTE provider and runs one of the largest BioTE hormone clinics in the country right here in Miramar Beach. Call Dr Richard Chern MD today for an appointment at The Hormone Restoration Center at 850-837-1271.

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