The Lotus Life: Inspiration

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Inspiration beckons….. making a home in our being. And in that moment, we are blessed. Brighter and blessed and grateful for our place on this earth. 

What ignites you? What sings to your soul? Have you paid attention to how passionate you are about the life you are living? I don’t think we are meant to be over the moon about every moment in our lives. We can be grateful for each minute and lessons within, but the moments when we get so excited about something that it literally lifts your heart in joy- those moments are profound. Happily so, because we need the contrast to fully accept when we feel completely ecstatic and inspired. Don’t you just love those moments? Something fills up your soul and you get what life is about.


Reading a friend’s autobiography of her family’s journey to be missionaries in Haiti gave me the flutters. Inspiration hit me differently than it had in the past. I had an “aha” realization that what really inspired me was the way she lived her life, so trusting and courageous. It wasn’t what she did, as much as how she was so willing to do it. Her relationship with GOD, and  her faith was so inspiring. That a person could feel that on such a deep level and be willing to change her and her family’s world because she was guided. It was a feat she took on. But it wasn’t the feat that left me thinking. It was fascinating to witness the relationship she allowed herself to have and her dedication to it.

It’s a majestic affair to get a glimpse into someone’s life memoirs, stirring our own desires and dreams. To be grand in our lives and live with all that we are. You know what lights you up. You know when your soul gravitates towards something like a star shooting through the sky. Here are a few thoughts to keep your passion alive.

  1. BE OPEN- Life can have its scary moments for us all, and we close our hearts in fear. But when we close off our hearts, we are also closing off our life force. So, no matter the situation, focus on being open. Being receptive to life and coming from a space of compassion will keep you in a place when inspiration happens you will feel it. Literally breathing into your heart space when it feels tight and visualizing it open and safe will help to ensure an inspiring moment won’t pass you by.
  2. BE PRESENT- When are minds are too focused on the future or past and running a to do list. When we put too many pressure on ourselves to be “doing” all the time. We are too caught up without allowing ourselves to even notice anything other than ourselves. The old adage “stop to smell the roses” has been around forever because it’s great advice. No matter the task at hand be present with wherever you are. Inspiration will not be far away either. Being present means your focus is on your current sensations. So close your eyes and go with your five senses. What to do hear, smell, feel etc.
  3. BE REAL- This is about being honest with yourself. Not thinking about anyone else you love or whoever is around you. What do YOU like? What makes YOU laugh? What can you not get enough of? Who are you when no one is around? Let this person come out and be who shows up every day. The more real you are about who you were made to be, the more life will bring that which honors you. This is a journey for sure…and when we get inspired, we know we are going the way we are meant to.

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